Welcome to my Oracle/Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) blog!

This blog is intended to provide information to all users of FDM.  I intend to blog about the features of FDM that provide value to implementations & the product usage.  While some of my posts will contain information about out-of-the-box functionality, I will also highlight different custom solutions that I have implemented.

I hope you find this blog useful & that it introduces you to additional functionality that can improve the ROI on your FDM application.  You are encouraged to post questions or suggestions for topics that you would like to see me cover in greater detail.

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  1. Gallangba says:

    I really love FDM but right now i am struggling with one journal creation feature.
    I was able to setup FDM and create the journal load template. But, i don’t know how to add to my template or create in FDM a journal group. A feature that exists in HFM for journals. Any help will be really appreciated.

    • Tony Scalese says:


      HFM journal groups are not something that FDM supports out of the box. I have had several clients where I have enabled this functionality but it is a custom solution that involves modifying the HFM adaptor. If you have a development environment where you can not have to worry about breaking the application, you can modify the EXPORTA action. Please be sure you have a good backup of the application before embarking on this path.

      You can also file an enhancement request with Oracle. Next time I speak with development, I’ll mention it but it is always good if clients request the functionality as this affirms the request from partners.

      If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out,


  2. nabil says:

    Great and very useful blog for someone who gets into FDM as begining or advanced.
    Rare to find someone sharing this kind of information to public, keep going.
    I’ve got you bookmarked too. Nabil

  3. James Pryal says:

    Tony – Great blog. Solid FDM content. Finally, I’ve come across someone who shares as much enthusiam about FDM as I do. Keep up the good posts! I’ve got you bookmarked.

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