OOW 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moscone South seemed very busy today with a lot more Oracle customers visiting with different Oracle vendors.  It amazes me that the conference has more than 45,000 attendees and how well Oracle & the city of San Francisco coordinate all of the different venues and events.

I spent more time at the EPM demo grounds today seeing the future of the Financial consolidation suite and specifically, Oracle Financial Management Analytics (OFMA).  OFMA is a new product, just released on Friday before the conference, that provides real time analytics directly against HFM data including process management information.  The product is built on the world class OBIEE platform and comes with a number of pre-configured dashboards.  Even more exciting is that OFMA is iPad ready!  No longer do you have to imagine being able to provide your C level executives with mobile dashboards, this product makes that a reality.

The even more exciting news is that while OFMA is a part of the release, it is backward compatible to earlier versions of HFM.  The person providing the demo couldn’t quote the exact versions but it may include as early as System 9.  While not yet part fo Workspace, the plan is to integrate OFMA into Workspace soon.  There is a separate licensing fee which is unknown to me at this point, contact your Oracle rep for details.

I also spent some time at my favorite demo pod – FDM.  It’s always great to see Oracle customers experience the software for the first time and to see the wheels turning as they think about ways that FDM can be of benefit to their organization.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Today I attended the Meet the Author to provide moral support for Peter Fugere (my boss) and his release of his HFM book.  There was some definite buzz around the book!

I dropped by the Hyperion/EPM demo grounds in Moscone West.  There’s an exciting new dash board product for HFM being demo’d.  If you get a chance, swing by and check it out.

I noticed the schedule for EPM sessions have some overlap which is a nice opportunity for the community to catch a session they may have missed.  I’m issuing a challenge to the EPM group, let’s submit more sessions for next years Open World.  Great job to all those that submitted and presented.  It would be great to double the number next year.

The rain doesn’t seem to be putting much of a damper on anything.  I’m hanging out now waiting for the OTN Night to jump off!  As an avid contributor on OTN, I look forward to interfacing with my peers.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Be sure to download your OOW app from iTunes or the Android Market!

OTN night is back by popular demand – Monday night.  Don’t miss it.  DJ Cameron – could it be that fellow ACE Cameron Lackpour is going to be laying down some tracks?  I’m not sure but based on the intro to the keynote, it might be worth finding out….

Customer appreciation night on Wednesday will feature Sting & Tom Petty

Keynote Address

Larry was presented with a SF Giants World Series ring!

The key note speech focused a lot on Exadata and Exalogic and its benefits.  As I listened to what I would classify as neat but beyond me, I was wondering, how will this come to play in the EPM suite.  And Larry delivered.  Today Oracle announced Exalytics – in memory analytics because all *entire* database is in memory.

What is the super machine that can do this?

  • 1 TB of memory which can hold 5-10 TB of compressed data
  • 40 cores in parallel
  • Hardware scan rate of 200 GB per second
  • 2 Infiniband connections

Sounds sexy right?  And it will be available to OBIEE & Essbase!  BI will have “Instantaneous response times” including unstructured data (Larry was extremely excited about this feature)

Memory – DRAM – is the key here, everything happens here.  Clearly this has the ability to change the game.

As the keynote continued with lots or graphs and charts, I found myself thinking, what’s the future of HFM in this world.  Why do I ask this?  At KScope 2011, there were questions about HFM on Essbase instead of relational.  Granted this debate has raged since the inception of the product but with these new real time analytics, one has to wonder if Essbase is the future engine of HFM.

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